Saturday, November 26, 2022

Adesanya Names The Movie Star That Inspired His Career

UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya has named the action star from the silver screen that influenced his path toward martial arts.

The free-flowing striker takes on a foe he has competed unsuccessfully twice in kickboxing, Alex Pereira. The trilogy takes place at UFC 281 in Madison Square Garden. The night is one of the most anticipated cards in recent memory.

As is customary, UFC has released their countdown episode for the event, where Adesanya names Bruce Lee as the godfather of MMA. Still, Lee is not the man who directed him into the fight game.

Jackie Chan Influenced Adesanya

Adesanya said the following about how he was introduced to martial arts.

“Bruce Lee is the godfather of MMA, But for me, Jackie Chan was that guy. When I would watch his movies, I would be chuckling. I would be smiling. I would be amazed at what he is doing. He is kinda the guy that got me into martial arts.” It is not unusual for kids to be started off in a “softer” martial art, and Adesanya was no different.

“I took up Taekwondo at my primary school at the time. Then one day I watched Tony Jaa in Ong-Bak. That was what made Muay Thai mainstream to the world.” The mainstream success of Muay Thai inadvertently led to one of the all-time greatest middleweights entrenching himself in the art of eight limbs.

“After seeing that I decided to take up Muay Thai because it looked very realistic. I had my first fight three weeks later and the rest was history.”

Adesanya is a very cinematic performer, and the influence of Hollywood can often be seen in his pre and mid-fight antics. He seems to also have a huge soft spot for the children’s film character Elsa, the star of the Frozen franchise.

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