Fans Call For Ali Abdelaziz To Own Up On Vow To Leave MMA

Ali Abdelaziz made a big claim, and fans are calling for him to back it up.

Abdelaziz has become the most polarizing managers in MMA, with mixed opinions about him found in both fighters and fans alike. While he has a wide array of fighters that he represents, many question his tactics and behavior, with critics pointing to his noted past of using his fighter’s Twitter accounts to talk trash among other things.

Ali Abdelaziz Made A Big Claim

While Ali Abdelaziz may talk trash with his fighters’ accounts, it was a tweet from his own account that has gotten him into hot water recently. This came in the wake of his client, Kayla Harrison suffering her first defeat at the hands of Larissa Pacheco in the 2022 PFL Championships final.

The sleuths on Twitter were quick to pull up a tweet that Abdelaziz sent out in May of last year, where he made a bold claim. He stated that if Harrison ever lost in MMA, he would leave the sport altogether.

“If she ever lose I will leave Mma she cannot be touched,” Abdelaziz wrote.

MMA Twitter Demands Payment

Now that this tweet has been brought back to light, fans and Twitter trolls alike are demanding penance from Ali Abdelaziz. There were countless replies, not from 2021, but from hours ago, demanding that he follow through on his promise to leave the sport.

“Leave,” one user responded simply.

“Let’s go pack it up,” another user wrote.

“You know what time it is Ali ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚” yet another person replied.

“Ay yo Ali lmfao,” someone else laughed.

The replies were not just limited to those contained within this old tweet. Once word got out, others began making a point to troll the famed MMA manager.

“Oh man I sure hope heโ€™s a man of his word!!! Would be amazing to never have to listen to this loser ever again,” someone tweeted to several likes.

“@AliAbdelaziz are you a man of your word?” someone asked directly.

“Ali Abdelaziz last year: โ€œIf Kayla Harrison ever loses I will leave MMAโ€

Everyone to Ali today:” someone else wrote, sharing a classic TUF clip.

Of course, the likelihood that Ali Abdelaziz will actually leave MMA and retire from management seems rather thin. That said, this serves as a hilarious reminder that the internet never forgets.

Do you think Ali Abdelaziz will leave MMA?