Watch: Ali Abdelaziz Has Spat With Athletic Commission Official At PFL 10

Ali Abdelaziz is arguably the biggest manager in MMA, and nobody will tell him not to corner his fighters.

Easily the most recognized manager in the sport today, Abdelaziz is just as easily the most successful, with his agency Dominance MMA holding a massive percentage of the fighters under UFC contract.

Aside from that, the Professional Fighters League, which had its season tournament finals over the weekend with PFL 10 is made up by such a large portion of his fighters that it may not exist anymore if all of the Dominance MMA fighters left the roster.

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Ali Abdelaziz Beefs With Official

Some have had concerns about the fact that Ali Abdelaziz has such a close relationship with the PFL, citing that because their roster is heavily dominated by Dominance MMA, that the manager has a lot of free rein to behave how he wants at their events.

Another example of this was brought up at PFL 10 during the main event that saw Dominance MMA fighter Kayla Harrison suffer her first pro defeat.

As that fight was going on, video was posted to Twitter that showed Abdelaziz trying to move around the cageside seats in order to yell advice at Harrison while she was on the ground.

This hilariously led to an official from the New York State Athletic Commission coming over to confront the manager, and while it is unclear from the video what was said, it looks like the official tried to rein Ali in but was quickly shunned away after some aggressive words from the manager.

To be clear, there is no definitive answer as to the reason for this altercation or what was said between Ali Abdelaziz and the NYSAC official and could have easily been something minor.

However, looking at the faces and body language, it appears the manager of the stars was quick to put that official in place.

How do you think this conversation between Ali Abdelaziz and an NYSAC official went down?