Saturday, December 3, 2022

Amanda Ribas Names Reason Why Her OnlyFans Wasn’t Successful

Amanda Ribas explains why her OnlyFans account failed.

UFC strawweight Amanda Ribas is one of the more popular female fighters in the organization. She has a bubbly personality with an infectious laugh that has made her a growing fan favorite. Many popular fighters in the UFC have been using their growing stardom to make money outside of the cage, Ribas is no different but at least one avenue she pursued did not pan out as she had hoped.

Some fighters turn to media while others sell products to make some extra cash. Sean O’Malley and Henry Cejudo are good examples of fighters using YouTube to make a living. Dustin Poirier has his own brand of hot sauce that he sells to make money. Other fighters such as Paige VanZant use OnlyFans to make some cash. Ribas explained that she tried this route, but it was not to her liking.

Amanda Ribas

OnlyFans Was Not The Right Fit For UFC Strawweight Amanda Ribas

The site OnlyFans has been a lucrative way for social media stars and celebrities to make some money. They will release exclusive content to their followers in exchange for them paying for a subscription. Many times, the content is more provocative and can at times be X-rated. Ribas was not going that route and thinks that is why her account was not a success.

“I did one time but for me was a little hard because for me I didn’t put what the the fans was expecting,” she said in an interview with Sherdog. “So for me was not too good. But okay, (for those) who like to do it, I don’t have nothing, but for me was a little hard you know? So I don’t like it.”

Even though OnlyFans was a bust, Ribas has a strong following on social media. She explained why Instagram is more her speed.

“It’s crazy for me because I don’t do a lot of posts in English or everything. And I think this is the difference because sometimes I just do like, Oh, my dogs are here and they are screaming so I do the video so is the things that people enjoy,” she said. “And this is good because I don’t need to force something. I just do what I do.”

Ribas will be fighting Tracy Cortez at UFC Orlando on Dec. 3 at flyweight but intends to move between flyweight and strawweight in the future.

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