Saturday, November 26, 2022

Australian Social Media Star Spanian Teases Future MMA Bout

Australian social media personality Spanian claims that he’s started MMA training with the intention of eventually competing in a professional bout.

Spanian has made a name for himself online through a variety of mediums by sharing experiences from his youth and the time he spent in and out of prison. According to The Daily Mail, the Australian experienced an epiphany while he was locked up that motivated him to change his ways.

Spanian (center) spent a large portion of his youth in prison. (Instagram)

“[It happened] out of nowhere. I did a double take and I saw me for what I was. I saw a junkie. I don’t know who gave me that insight, I don’t know if it was God or if I was in the middle of a fucking beneficial psychosis. I looked at myself and I thought ‘You’re a mess. You are some junkie sitting in a cell.’”

The 36-year-old has now been free of legal trouble for several years, and since leaving prison he’s launched a successful YouTube channel and rap career in addition to publishing a book called The Unfiltered Hood Life.

“I’m Training To Be The Best”

Spanian recently posted a video of himself hitting a heavy bag on his Instagram, and in the caption, he outlined his plans to prepare for a professional fight.

“I have been preparing by myself to start professional training to fight in MMA,” Spanian wrote. “I’m almost certain that I begin this week with a very well known international kickboxer that I always admired as my coach (you will find out soon). I have never had kickboxing coaching before or any coaching for that matter and if you read my book you would know that everything is jail taught and at one point in my life it was a dream of mine.”

Although no details were provided to indicate the possible identity of the “international kickboxer,” the 36-year-old did explain that the motivation to fight stems from the idea of how improbable a successful MMA career might seem for him.

Another notable aspect of the post is that Spanian attempts to draw a clear line between his own combat sports aspirations and those of other social media stars.

“I want you all to know right now that this isn’t some bullshit YouTube boxing. Or TikTok fight night that I’m secretly promoting..I’m training to be the best and to god willing fight another professional when the time is appropriate.”

Spanian went on to write that he’ll be documenting the process through his YouTube channel and will be training two times a day, six days a week in preparation for the proposed fight.

What do you make of the news that Spanian is training for an MMA bout? Who do you think the “international kickboxer” is that the Australian claims will be helping train him?