Monday, December 5, 2022

Watch: Bare Knuckle Fighter Starts Wild Brawl After Headbutt DQ

Just seconds after getting disqualified due to a headbutt, bare-knuckle fighter Jack Grady took his frustration out on his opponent.

Grady and Ryan Reber squared off at BKFC 32 on Saturday in Orlando, FL. It was a back-and-forth affair for as long as the fight lasted but ended abruptly due to several egregious rule breaks.

Grady attempted to headbutt Reber in the first round before receiving a warning from the referee. A second headbutt attempt in Round 2 forced the referee to stop the fight and award Reber the disqualification win.

As the fight was getting waved off, Reber flipped off Grady, which drew a furious reaction from the latter. The two came face to face and nearly landed shots on one another before security personnel and commission officials stepped in.

Bare Knuckle Fighter Jack Grady Ignites Chaotic Scene At BKFC 32

Watch chaos ensue between Grady and Reber below.

BKFC made light of the brawl by showing footage of BKFC President David Feldman helping put a stop to the ruckus.

Grady came into BKFC 32 off of his first-career boxing win in his second BKFC fight in March. Before that, he suffered a series of defeats in stints in professional boxing and bare-knuckle boxing.

The DQ win moves Reber to 3-0 in BKFC and could make a quick turnaround after the abrupt halt to the fight with Grady.

BKFC 32 featured a bantamweight main event between Reggie Barnett Jr. and Geane Herrera.

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