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Carla Esparza Theorizes Why SW Is “Most Stacked” Female Division

UFC champion Carla Esparza thinks she knows why the strawweight division is so stacked.

UFC strawweight champion Carla Esparza is getting ready to defend her title at the upcoming UFC 281 event. She will be taking on former champion Zhang Weili in the co-main event of the massive card. Esparza is no stranger to being the champion of this division, she was the inaugural champ back in 2014. She is now once again holding the belt and looking for her first defense.

Esparza came into the UFC on The Ultimate Fighter: A Champion Will Be Crowned season. Along with the fifteen other fighters they were the very beginning of the 115-pound division. Since that TUF season, the division has grown immensely and is now one of the most popular and stacked divisions. Esparza thinks she knows why the division is so solid.

Carla Esparza
Carla Esparza

Carla Esparza Gives Her Take On Why The UFC 115-Pound Division Is So Talented

Over the years since the strawweight’s inception, there have been five different women holding the belt. Right now there are seven strawweight fighters featured on the women’s pound-for-pound ratings. So what makes this division so loaded? Esparza spoke to Morning Kombat about this.

“I think this division has just always been so stacked. I mean, they brought the best of the best into The Ultimate Fighter. There are so many exciting personalities and fighting styles and it’s just been always all around great,” she said. “I think because it was the second division, you had all the 125ers coming down and it was just stacked, and I think now it’s just getting better and better. I think probably it’s most stacked because your average woman is going to walk around close to this weight. So, I think it makes sense that just, there’s more competition to get into this weight class in the UFC. Yeah, it’s competition all the time.”

Esparza will have her chance to prove that she is still the best among all of these talented ladies at UFC 281 in Madison Square Garden tomorrow night.

Do you think the strawweight division has the most talent of all the women’s divisions?

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