Thursday, December 1, 2022

Chris Curtis: Alex Pereira Is Israel Adesanya’s ‘Personal Boogeyman’

Chris Curtis thinks Alex Pereira has Israel Adesanya‘s number.

The main event of the UFC 281 fight card was a middleweight title fight between Israel Adesanya and Alex Pereira. This bout was interesting on many different levels, but mainly because of the history between the two athletes. Both men got their start in kickboxing before coming to the UFC and had faced off twice before.

Pereira held two wins over Adesanya and the bout in MMA was said to be favoring Adesanya despite the past losses. In the end, Pereira was able to stop Adesanya again and was crowned the UFC champion following a fifth-round TKO.

Israel Adesanya, Alex Pereira
Image Credit: Jessica Alcheh/USA TODAY Sports

Chris Curtis Isn’t Sure Israel Adesanya Could Ever Beat Alex Pereira

Some people thought the stoppage was a little premature but either way, fans are giving props to Pereira. He is fairly new to MMA but has proven that he is unstoppable when it comes to fighting Adesanya. Another UFC fighter, Chris Curtis isn’t sure Adesanya will ever get past Pereira.

“I actually feel bad for Izzy, like bro you have your own personal boogeyman, like, how many times can you do everything right? The dudes like in the last second, ‘I win’,” he said in an interview with Helen Yee. “He was winning the fight, well I thought we would have been four rounds the one. He was two minutes from retaining his title and Pereira does it again. You’ve got your own personal f–king boogeyman and that is miserable.”

Adesanya has expressed interest in a rematch and had said that he would fight Pereira as many times as it takes to beat him. Curtis thinks that point in time might never come.

“At that point, you just have to poison him,” he said. “Because like you can’t defeat him in one-on-one combat.”

Curtis is currently ranked fourteen in the middleweight division and could potentially see himself up against either Pereira or Adesanya in the future.

Do you think Israel Adesanya will ever defeat Alex Pereira?

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