Thursday, December 8, 2022

Major Update On Conor McGregor’s “Dangerous Driving” Case

A major update has been provided on Conor McGregor‘s court case related to his “dangerous driving” charges from earlier this year.

Conor McGregor is facing six charges for his dangerous driving arrest last month. As initially reported by the Irish Independent, McGregor was driving his Bentley Continental GT along the N4 between Lucan and Palmerstown when he was pulled over and arrested for multiple traffic violations. Additionally, McGregor’s vehicle was reportedly seized but later returned to him after he was released on bail.

Thursday, it was revealed that the court has heard the case against McGregor and that January 11 is the precise date that the matter will be “disposed of.

As McGregor was exiting the courthouse, he reportedly signed an autograph and took pictures with fans. When asked how he felt about how the case is progressing, he is quoted as saying, ” All good, guys, all good, lovely day, great to be back.”

Recap Of March Arrest & Subsequent Charges

McGregor faces six charges total, including two counts of dangerous driving, driving without insurance, driving without a license, and not producing the necessary documentation at the Gardai station within 10 days. However, Dublin Live has reported that McGregor has shown his license and insurance to the Gardai after being hit with the above charges.

McGregor also faced speeding charges in 2017, where was fined $440. And in 2018, his notorious driving led to him losing his license after driving over 154km/h in a 100km/h zone.

The maximum penalty for a dangerous driving conviction is a fine of up to €5,000, a six-month prison sentence, or both.

A Gardai spokesperson issued the following statement on the incident:

“Gardaí arrested a man aged in his 30s in relation an incident of dangerous driving in the Palmerstown area yesterday evening, Tuesday 22nd March 2022. The man was taken to Lucan Garda Station where he was later charged. He has been released pending an appearance before Blanchardstown District Court at a later date.”

Footage of police officers trailing McGregor before pulling him over became public. In a since-deleted tweet, McGregor said the following about the incident. (h/t Mirror UK)

“That is the auxiliary lane on Dublin’s M50. I was preparing to take the exit that takes me to my gym,” McGregor wrote.

McGregor’s representative Karen Kessler issued the following statement to MMA Fighting on the matter.

“Mr. McGregor was driving to the gym when he was stopped by Gardai for alleged road traffic violations,” McGregor’s representative Karen Kessler said in a statement to MMA Fighting. “He passed the drug and alcohol tests taken at the station.”

Professionally, McGregor is making progress towards an Octagon return next year, where he has expressed his intentions of competing for the UFC welterweight championship.

MMA News will keep you updated on this developing story.