Thursday, December 8, 2022

Conor McGregor Targets New Goal Outside the Octagon

UFC star Conor McGregor feels he has what it takes to have a massively lucrative career in show business ahead of his acting debut.

McGregor hasn’t fought in the UFC Octagon since shattering his leg against Dustin Poirier at UFC 264. He’s working towards a UFC comeback next year once he eventually returns to the USADA testing pool.

McGregor’s time away from the Octagon has kept him busy during his recovery. He’s slated to make his acting debut in the upcoming Road House remake alongside Academy Award-nominated actor Jake Gyllenhaal.

McGregor has teased an eventual career in film since his UFC rise in 2015. His knockout win that year over José Aldo launched him into the upper echelon of global sports superstars.

McGregor, who has profited greatly from ventures outside of the Octagon, sees a similar pattern as his acting career takes shape.

Conor McGregor Has Lofty Goals For His Hollywood Future

In a recent tweet, McGregor prophesized a very profitable future in film, namely becoming the highest paid Irish movie star.

“I fancy my chances topping this list in record time,” McGregor tweeted. “If the top gross off Liam’s films is$113m, as amazing as that is, my “Roadhouse” trebles it. And more. I reckon half a billion all in. And I be chillin back with the calculator rockin alligator. “What can I do ya’s for?”

After his initial ‘Mystic Mac’ prediction of achieving a half-billion dollar gross, McGregor revised it to eye-opening levels.

“There is a possibility i’m underselling myself here also,” McGregor said. “Why not a billion+. Possibly, likely. With its backing, plus cast, plus the ppv king the Mac. Anyway, nice buzz. Happy the bulk of the work is in the bank. It’s hard work. Tough game and I am from a tough game.”

McGregor is no stranger to big paydays outside of fighting. His whiskey company, Proper 12, sold for around $600 million last year. McGregor topped Forbes’ highest-paid athletes list in 2021 as well.

Other MMA fighters have had success in the film industry. Former UFC light heavyweight title challenger Rampage Jackson, along with UFC Hall of Famer Georges St-Pierre, have successfully made the transition to movies.

McGregor’s goals for his movie career may seem unattainable for some, though the history he’s made in MMA proves to expect the unexpected when it comes to the Irish star.

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