Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Conor McGregor Teases Another Football Club Purchase

UFC superstar Conor McGregor is once again teasing a football club purchase to add to his financial portfolio.

McGregor expressed interest earlier this year in buying Chelsea FC before another ownership group purchased the club. He’s been a longtime fan of football going back to when he grew up in Ireland.

Liverpool FC, one of the most renowned football clubs in the world, has been put up for sale by Fenway Sports Group. FSG purchased MLB’s Boston Red Sox in 2001 and still retains ownership of the franchise.

The news of Liverpool FC’s sale has shocked the football community, with many speculating who will be the next club owners. After getting word of the news, McGregor seems to be throwing his name into the conversation.

Conor McGregor Interested In Purchasing Liverpool FC

In a recent tweet, McGregor replied to one fan who wanted him to look into purchasing Liverpool FC.

“I WOULD LOVE IT!” McGregor replied. “I requested my information on this, yes. Soon as I heard. What a turn of events! What a club!”

McGregor has achieved a lot outside of the Octagon in recent years. He topped Forbes’ highest-paid athletes list in 2021 and recently sold a majority stake in his Proper 12 whiskey business for around $600 million.

McGregor is also set to make his big-screen debut as a part of the Road House film remake, alongside Jake Gyllenhaal. He’s predicting a lucrative career in show business.

McGregor’s portfolio continues to grow outside of fighting, but he’s expected to return to the Octagon next year. In the meantime, he could make a splash by purchasing Liverpool FC.

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