Cris Cyborg Reacts To Kayla Harrison’s Upset Loss At PFL 10

It didn’t take long for Cris Cyborg to react to Kayla Harrison‘s first career loss.

For over a year now, arguably the biggest dream match in women’s MMA has been Bellator Women’s Featherweight Champion Cris Cyborg vs. two-time PFL lightweight champion Kayla Harrison. This is not only due to the dominance both women have shown in recent years but also because of the incessant trash talk shared between the two women along the way.

At PFL 10, that dream match suffered a devastating blow, as the previously unbeaten Harrison suffered her first career loss at the hands of a woman she had defeated twice before, Larissa Pacheco.

The outcome is already being regarded by some to be one of the biggest upsets in MMA history. That would be just one takeaway from an upset that already garnered plenty of strong reactions from the MMA community immediately after the fight.

And now, we also know how Harrison’s inter-promotional rival Cris Cyborg has reacted to Harrison’s loss.

Cris Cyborg Reacts To Kayla Harrison’s Loss

Immediately after the result to the PFL 10 main event was announced, Cyborg tweeted the following:

“Tonight will only make Judo Kayla a better fighter. One thing I learned after going 14 years undefeated is that sometimes you need to lose to become your best. Kayla will be back and she will grow from this experience. Congrats @pachecolarissa_ you are a real World Champion”

Cyborg’s tone would soon shift in the subsequent tweet, which appeared to suggest that the outcome of any aforementioned “dream match” between the two is now readily visible to anyone with open eyes.

“I think @DonnDavisPFL owes @pachecolarissa_ a back room bonus she just saved the @PFLMMA 3 million dollars,” Cyborg tweeted in response to an idea that would have seen the winner of a Cyborg/Harrison fight walk away with $3 million total.

At the moment, although she’s still recognized as Bellator’s reigning featherweight champion, Cyborg is taking a break from MMA and is dipping her toes in boxing. She defeated Simone Aparecida da Silva via unanimous decision in September and already has her next fight booked for December 10.

It will be interesting to see what’s next for Kayla Harrison, though. Because judging by the hefty confidence displayed in each of her interviews and the house-betting investment made on her by the PFL, it’s fair to argue this isn’t something that neither she nor the promotion had envisioned this season would end.

What are your thoughts on Cyborg’s reaction to Kayla Harrison’s first loss?