Friday, December 2, 2022

Dana White Shares Details On ‘Power Slap League’ Launch

Dana White officially launched his slap-fighting league, Power Slap, at an introductory press conference in New York City.

White is bringing the league to Nevada after being granted Nevada State Athletic Commission approval last month. While some have criticized the concept, White intends on making competition safe and entertaining as this new combat sport earns a big platform.

The league also intends to go global in the future after it receives commissions in other states.

White announced at the press conference that the league will air on TBS in an eight-episode series next month. Over 100 professional slap fighters have been invited to try out for the league and White isn’t ruling out UFC fighters getting in the mix.

White also released a glossary to media members in attendance to get familiar with slap-fighting lingo that’ll be used for the league. You can check it out below courtesy of MMA Fighting’s José Youngs.

A coin toss will determine the first slap of a fight. Victory will be given via points or finish and will be based on a 10-point system, just like boxing and MMA.

Points will be tallied by a judging panel based on slap effectiveness and the defender’s recovery from the strike.

Penalties will also be enforced for clubbing, illegal wind-up, and game delay. Consequences for penalties include point deductions or disqualification.

Weight classes will be made for both men and women competing in the league. Additional details regarding the league’s layout will be announced in the coming weeks.

Dana White Explains Ruleset, Other Details For Slap Fighting League

Dana White
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During a recent press conference to announce the launch of Power Slap, White spoke about the league’s potential going forward.

“This thing is big right now in Russia, Poland, other parts of the world,” White said. “We wanna launch this thing here and take this thing global like we did the UFC…we have a much bigger platform than when we started…the level we do this, the sport of slap fighting is going to go to a whole new level.”

White will not be in charge of day-to-day operations and will continue his role as the headman of the UFC. You can find additional info on Power Slap here via their brand-new website.

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