Sunday, November 27, 2022

Former Boxer Charged For Smuggling $1 Billion Worth Of Cocaine

A former boxer has been charged for his role in attempting to smuggle over $1 billion worth of cocaine through the United States in 2019.

Goran Gogic of Montenegro was at the Miami International Airport on Sunday, October 30 and was arrested while attempting to board a plane to Zurich. The former boxer was immediately taken before U.S Magistrate Judge Lisette Reid before being detained to await his next hearing on November 7.

According to the report from Reuters, the 43-year-old was indicted by a grand jury in New York for overseeing a smuggling operation that saw 22 tons of cocaine seized from three cargo ships in 2019. The cocaine was allegedly being moved through the United States from Columbia before heading to its final destination in Europe.

The seizure has been described as being one of the most significant cocaine busts in U.S history. The former boxer was apparently a vital part of the operation, as he coordinated the actions of crews that used cranes to remove the drugs from speedboats before placing them on the cargo ships.

Gogic Claims Charges Were A “Surprise”

Gogic has been charged by the U.S Department of Justice with one count of conspiracy, plus three counts of violating the federal Maritime Drug Law Enforcement Act.

The 43-year-old could face significant prison time for his role in the operation, as each individual count has a mandatory a sentence of 10 years with the possibility of a life sentence.

Gogic (left) competed as a heavyweight boxer from 2001 to 2012. (EC Boxpromotion)

19.8 tons of the cocaine seized was found aboard the MSC Gayane, and at least eight of that ship’s crew members have already pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy. So far, Gogic’s lawyer Lawrence Hashish has claimed that the former boxer had nothing to do with the operation.

“These charges came as a surprise to him. He maintains his innocence and had come to the U.S for a boxing convention in Puerto Rico.”

According to BoxRec, Gogic made his pro boxing debut in 2001. The 43-year-old heavyweight fought almost all of his bouts in Germany, and he ended his career with a pair of wins in 2012 that brought his overall record to 21-4-2.

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