Sunday, December 4, 2022

Former MMA Fighter Confesses To Murdering Wife In Brazil

After initially trying to cover up the crime, a former MMA fighter in Brazil has confessed to murdering his wife and throwing her body into a stream.

According to The Mirror, 26-year-old Ellida Ferreira was reported missing on Friday, November 4 after supposedly leaving Sao Paulo to go and visit her mother in Campinas. Ferreira never arrived, and authorities ended up finding her body in a stream the following Monday.

Ferreira’s body was found wrapped in a sheet with her legs and arms both bound by rope. Police immediately began examining the CCTV footage from the 26-year-old’s apartment complex in the hopes of finding more details regarding her murder.

The security cameras showed Ferreira returning to the apartment she shared with her husband Luis Lima, who is a former MMA fighter and the father of their six-month-old son. Footage from just over ten minutes later showed Lima pushing an empty laundry cart, and four minutes after that the 44-year-old returned with his wife’s body wrapped in a sheet.

Lima Attempted To Cover Up Murder

The former MMA fighter placed the body in his car but didn’t leave until early in the morning on Sunday, which is when he presumably threw Ferreira’s body into a stream.

Lima originally contacted the police to report that his wife was missing, which was later revealed to be an attempt at covering up the crime.

The Daily Mail reported that the former MMA fighter initially told police he hadn’t heard from Ferreira since she’d left to visit her mother in Campinas. Lima’s report also claimed that he’d attempted to contact her several times before getting in touch with his wife’s family.

CCTV footage revealed Lima transporting his Ferreira’s body to his vehicle. (Daily Mail)

“She left for Campinas, sent the last message at 7:51 pm saying they had only 5 percent battery. At 10:39 pm I sent a message again and it was not seen and calls forwarded directly to voicemail. In contact with my sister-in-law and the mother of the disappeared reported that she did not arrive at their homes in Campinas.”

Following the discovery of the security footage, the former MMA fighter was arrested and subsequently plead guilty to murdering Ferreira. No further details about sentencing or Lima’s motivation for the crime have been released as of yet.

The Brazilian competed in one pro MMA bout in 2012 at Mr. Cage 7 in Manaus, where he lost to Leo Santos via first-round submission.

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