Watch: Henry Cejudo Gets Assaulted By Hasbulla, Won’t Press Charges

It seems former UFC champion Henry Cejudo has found a worthy opponent.

The former bantamweight champion Henry Cejudo has been calling for a return fight for several months now. He retired back in 2020 but has gotten the itch for some action as of late. Although he has been mentioned in title contention talks, it seems he has found his action elsewhere.

Cejudo was spotted squaring up with MMA personality Hasbulla. The two were facing off in a fun meeting that turned into the young social media star getting a piece of a former UFC champion.

Henry Cejudo Gets Sucker Punched By Hasbulla

Cejudo posted a video to his social media showing a faceoff between himself and Hasbulla. Smiles from Cejudo turned quickly as Hasbulla came in hard. It was all in fun and not at all out of character for Hasbulla.

“WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT,” Cejudo wrote on Twitter. “Here’s footage of @Hasbulla_NFT blatantly assaulting me. I won’t press charges as long as he SIGNS THE DAMN CONTRACT. It’s time to settle this once and for all. I’M COMING FOR YOU HASBULLA!!!”

This isn’t the first-time Hasbulla has socked a UFC champion. He was filming with featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski earlier in the year and smashed a cheeseburger right in his face. This is the sort of antic that has grown Hasbulla’s popularity and allowed him to sign a contract with the UFC for similar types of fun appearances.

Fans will find this funny as there have been many memes portraying Hasbulla as the perfect opponent for Cejudo based on his size. He is always teased about his height, but it has never stopped him from winning. Now he might be next for bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling. Could Hasbulla be his first title defense?

Who do you have in a UFC fight: “Triple C” Henry Cejudo or Hasbulla??