Friday, December 2, 2022

Illinois Martial Arts Coach Arrested For Sexual Abuse Of A Minor

A Galesburg-based martial arts coach and school owner has been arrested on a Warren County warrant for sexual assault and sexual abuse.

Beau W. Admire is a coach and personal trainer at the Badger Combatives martial arts school, located on 313 E. Main St. in Galesburg. The 42-year-old was recently arrested and charged with two counts of criminal sexual assault and one count of aggravated criminal sexual abuse. The charges relate to three separate instances in Monmouth, where he used to coach.

It’s alleged that the former professional MMA fighter engaged in acts of sexual penetration and sexual misconduct with a minor. According to a release from the Warren County State’s Attorney’s office, Admire held a position of trust, supervision, or authority over the victims.

Beau Admire
Image Credit: Beau Admire

In a past interview with the Galesburg Register-Mail, Admire said he began training in martial arts at the age of four. Along with his father, he trained in multiple disciplines and received black belts in several styles of martial arts.

Having gone 1-4 as a professional MMA fighter between 2007 and 2010, Admire began to focus on teaching in his own facility. In the interview, he discussed his motivation for keeping his Galesburg students safe during “scary times.”

“We live in scary times and Galesburg and the surrounding areas are no exception to this,” Admire said. “We teach a realistic self defense system for real world situations. We train all of our students in boxing and kickboxing style striking. We drill many different self defense scenarios for the student to learn how to deal with these possible situations. This builds confidence in our students and helps prepare them for possible threats.”

Unfortunately, despite his comments about seeking to protect students, the current allegations would suggest that Admire was one of said threats.

Arrested Martial Arts Coach Set For December Court Date

Having been arrested in Knox County on a $100,000 warrant, Admire was later released after posting cash bond. All three of the charges he’s facing are Class 1 felonies, which carry sentences of up to 15 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections. The 42-year-old is set for his first court appearance on December 2.

One woman took to Facebook to share her thoughts on the coach who trained her grandson at the Badger Combatives facility. She noted that Admire appeared to be a good influence before learning of the allegations against him.

“Don’t even no what to say bought Beau! went every week w grandson to Badger Combatives-Galesburg IL watched boys and girls really enjoy learning from coach i thought was a good influence on these young kids and little did we no what he was doing! Well my grandson will not be back and hope all other parents do the same!!”

Just last month, Badger Combatives won the award for Knox County’s Best of the Best for martial arts schools. Admire was also handed the title for best personal trainer, marking the third consecutive year he’s received the award.

Badger Combatives