Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Jake Paul Recalls Exact Moment He “Broke” Anderson Silva

Jake Paul has returned to his brother’s podcast triumphant, following a win over Anderson Silva, and has told of how he broke him during the fight.

The spectacular match was a back-and-forth affair, with Jake Paul scoring a knockdown in the last to secure the decision victory. He recalls how he knew that he would win due to what he saw from Silva in the ring.

“I mean I’m just like, I got him, I got him…Anything he does right now, it doesn’t matter. I’m faster than him and I’m picking him apart, and I saw that he was defeated. He didn’t want to accept it, he didn’t want to lose. But he knew he couldn’t do anything to me, and he was taking a beating.”

Now 6-0, with four knockouts, Jake Paul has proved many doubters wrong. Many still call for him to fight a “real boxer”, but there may still be a wait yet, with Nate Diaz looking close to the front of the line for the next shot.

Jake Paul Names Shot That Deflated Silva

Jake Paul

“I hit him with a right-hand lead in the later rounds, and I think that was the punch that just broke him in the sixth or seventh round, and I knew it was over at that point.”

Jake Paul also refers to the final round. He says that while Silva was being told that he should knock Jake Paul out, Paul took no notice of the idea he should play it safe, quipping “It’s my eighth round too, bitch”.

His brother Logan Paul may have summed it up best when he says:

“My brother is a boxer now, this is so fucking weird.”

It is getting harder and harder to disagree with the sentiment after Jake Paul triumphed cleanly over the legendary Anderson Silva.

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