Thursday, December 8, 2022

Watch: Shirtless John Fury Tries Fighting Jake Paul At Mayweather vs Deji

The saga of the rivalry between Jake Paul and the Fury family has taken a wild turn.

Things started to pop off initially when Paul was in talks and eventually scheduled to fight Tommy Fury, the younger brother of heavyweight champion Tyson. Throughout the build-up for that fight, which would fall apart multiple times, the YouTuber would troll the boxing brothers, eventually getting their father, John involved as well.

John Fury Tries Fighting Jake Paul Shirtless

While Jake Paul and Tommy Fury have yet to throw down in the ring, their paths crossed in an adjacent way, when the Englishman was slated to fight Rolly Lambert on the undercard of Floyd Mayweather vs Deji.

Fresh off of his win over Anderson Silva, the YouTuber turned boxer would appear as a commentator for this event and spent the majority of Tommy’s fight mocking him and his father both.

Videos shared on social media showed that things would boil over after the bout, which went the full 6 rounds and had no winner declared, when John Fury would yell back and forth with Paul, leading to Jake insulting the older man’s physique. This caused the eldest Fury in the building to rip his shirt off, demanding Jake fight him that instant.

This was a bizarre scene to witness, as Jake Paul welcomed John Fury with open hands with Tommy also calling for their fight to be rebooked.

Time will tell if this is the direction that they choose to take, as the YouTuber is coming off of the biggest win of his short career and has shown a mixed level of interest in rebooking that fight until this point, with other options on the table.

Are you more interested in seeing Jake Paul fight Tommy or John Fury?