Saturday, November 26, 2022

Jake Paul Makes A Plea To Georges St-Pierre

Jake Paul is asking for help from a UFC legend.

Jake Paul is still riding high off of his win over Anderson Silva on Saturday night. The YouTuber turned professional boxer is making a point to run through as many former MMA champions and fighters as possible. So far, he has defeated Silva, Ben Askren, and Tyron Woodley. He is targeting another in Nate Diaz for his next bout. Although he is beating up these fighters, he is also helping them at the same time.

In the cases of Askren and Woodley, both had come out publically and mentioned making more for their fight with Paul than they were making in the UFC. The financial benefit along with the publicity is one of the biggest draws for fighters to risk their reputations so to speak to face Paul.

Paul has been adamant about increasing fighter pay. He has gone back and forth with UFC President Dana White on several occasions calling for him to increase the pay for UFC fighters. Now, he is looking to enlist some of the biggest names in the sport to help him in his mission.

Jake Paul & Anderson Silva
Image Credit: @jakepaul on Instagram

Jake Paul Has Been Promising A Fighter’s Union And Is Looking For Help

As part of the pre-fight hoopla between Paul and Silva, the two made a bet that if Silva lost he would help Paul create a fighter’s association. Now he is looking to recruit another legend to his team.

“Freedom.” he wrote on Twitter. “Georges we need to sit down and talk about the United Fighters Association. I need your help.

This plea comes after St-Pierre helped out during the Paul vs. Silva event. He also announced recently that he is freed from his UFC contract and is now able to take any opportunities he would like.

Paul and his quest for better fighter pay have the support of some of the biggest names in MMA. With Silva now on board and support from fighters like Francis Ngannou, St-Pierre could be a good fit for this undertaking.

Do you think Paul can successfully create a fighter’s union?