Jake Paul Makes “No Excuses” Counteroffer To Paddy Pimblett

The “spar” negotiations between Jake Paul and Paddy “The Baddy” Pimblett continues.

Jake Paul is tired of people saying his fights are rigged. Since 2020, Jake Paul has been showing people that he is for real in the sport of boxing. He began to win fights and knockout former UFC champions.

Despite the showcase of his skills, Paul still got hate from the fans. In his last bout against Anderson Silva, many believed that it was going to be a “true test” for Paul. Well, he aced that test with flying colors and defeated the multi-time UFC champion.

Following the win, some believed that perhaps the bout was fixed. One of the most recent doubters has been UFC fighter Paddy Pimblett. Pimblett spoke out about how he felt that Paul was fixing fights. This did not sit well with Paul.

Jake Paul
Image Credit: @jakepaul on Instagram

Paul was not too happy with Pimblett doubting his character by claiming he is fixing fights. To rectify this accusation, Paul has offered to spar with Pimblett and offered him up a huge payment to entice the UK-born fighter.

“Poor Paddy Pimblett, man, I was really wanting to like you, I really was. You got a cute little thing going for you, man, but then you come out and you say my fight against Anderson Silva was rigged,” he said on social media. “I’m sick and tired of this narrative. It’s pathetic. It’s stupid. You’re disrespecting the own GOAT of your own sport. You’re saying that Anderson Silva is a criminal. You’re saying he’s a fraud. You’re saying that Viacom, one of the biggest media companies in the world is doing criminal stuff. That’s what you’re saying. It’s stupid. It’s pathetic.”

Paul has been known for making things interesting and placing bets on his fights. He bet Silva that if he beat him, he would have to join Paul’s fighter union, to which Silva agreed. He is now making a similar bet with Pimblett. If the UFC fighter wins, he gets a million dollars; if Paul wins, Pimblett joins the union as well.

“But I have a proposition for you. Since you wouldn’t rig a fight, right? Let’s spar,
fly to Puerto Rico, I’ll get you a private jet. We can do five three-minute rounds, boxing. If you win, I’ll give you a million dollars which is what you deserve to get paid Baddy, you know it, but the UFC is not paying you that,” he said. “You deserve to get paid more. But if I win, you have to join the United Fighter’s Association and help me sign up all of the fighters in the UK. Put your money where your mouth is. Let’s go.”

Paddy Pimblett would then accept Jake Paul’s proposition under the following conditions: Paul comes to the UFC Performance Institute for the sparring session with $1 million ready in a bag.

Jake Paul Makes Counteroffer

Tuesday, Jake Paul took to Twitter to make the following counteroffer to “The Baddy.”

“Fella my team told me you have been trying to book me for ur podcast, Jan 5th. So I’m sending you a jet to bring you to Puerto Rico. Both of our teams will film. We spar, 5 rounds and then we can do your podcast. By then you will be back to your normal weight. No excuses.?”

Jake Paul has been making it his mission to help MMA fighters improve their financial situations. He has publicly accused Dana White and the UFC of not paying their fighter’s property and has made himself an enemy in the process. His “United Fighter’s Association” is his way to help fighters increase purse size and earn amounts closer to those in boxing.

Do you think Paddy Pimblett should take Jake Paul up on this offer?