Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Jake Paul Reveals What Anderson Silva Said During Post-Fight Bow

Jake Paul revealed through his brother’s podcast what was said between him and MMA legend Anderson Silva during and after their boxing match.

The YouTube star turned face punching box office draw took home a decision victory that impressed many fans and fighters alike. Despite Silva being closer to his pension than his prime, he is still considered an excellent striker. Paul secured the victory by knocking down Silva in the eighth round before receiving the affirmative verdict. The former Disney star even feels he broke Silva during the fight on route to winning.

Jake Paul On What He Said To Silva Mid-Fight

Jake Paul told of a chat they shared during a post-fight moment. Both athletes bowed to one another, “The Spider” told Jake Paul this:

“Oh, He said ‘No one can ever talk about you again.’ He said ‘No one can ever talk about you again, you are a champion.'”

Jake Paul

Paul also was asked about what was being said between the pair inside the ring. He stated that Silva made a cheeky jibe about the way Jake Paul was fighting. Paul returned the favor in kind when he started to take control.

“He kept saying, ‘Stop tying up kid, stop tying up.’ And then when I was fucking him up, he started trying to tie up. So I said, ‘Who’s tying up now, huh?'”.

It comes as no surprise to hear the two go back and forth during combat. Silva was known to be a master of mind games, even though he was rarely known to speak English in his early career.

Much of his boxing style is based around taunting and goading his opponent. Picture it much like a matador does to a bull. As for Jake Paul, he became a very young millionaire who could write his own ticket. He did this, so to speak, through his brash, cocky style and loud mouth. So far, though, no one has been able to shut it.

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