Thursday, December 8, 2022

Jake Paul Theorizes Why Silva Fight’s Buys Plummeted

Jake Paul alleges a steep decline in pay-per-view buys for his fight with Anderson Silva after a mid-week controversy from Silva’s end.

Paul defeated Silva via a unanimous decision in his boxing return last weekend. It was the toughest fight of his career from start to finish, but he won most of the rounds and even earned a big knockdown in the final round.

Paul had huge expectations for how the event would profit leading up to the fight. He estimated that the October 29th pay-per-view would sell more than 500,000 buys, and potentially as many as 700,000.

The Paul vs. Silva fight almost didn’t happen. Just days before the fight, Silva admitted in an interview that he got knocked out in sparring, which created a whirlwind of concern about whether or not the fight would still happen.

After a brief investigation, the Arizona Boxing Commission allowed the fight to go forward. But according to Paul, this controversy ended up destroying the sharp rise of buys leading up to fight night.

Paul explained what happened during a recent appearance on the IMPAULSIVE podcast.

“The pre-buys were going crazy, up, up, up. And then Wednesday, when the news came out about Anderson saying he got knocked out or whatever, and the fight was in jeopardy in all this press came out, the pre-buys tanked all the way down,” Paul revealed. “The general public sees that and is like oh it’s not happening. Tommy pulled out, Hasim pulled out, Jake Fucking Paul can’t get another event together, this is done. It killed ticket sales…everything went to zero.”

The pay-per-view totals from the Paul/Silva event could be released in the coming days.

Paul had to deal with a mountain of hurdles to finally make his 2022 boxing debut. He had fights against Tommy Fury and Hasim Rahman Jr. fall out in August, resulting in him and his team turning their attention towards the 47-year-old Silva.

After the long journey to the ring, Paul is planning a massive change to his future fights, including a potential third attempt at booking the Fury fight.

Jake Paul Pledges Future Fights Will Only Take Place In Specific Time Of The Year


Paul then declared a massive change to his boxing fight schedule going forward.

“It’s weird. Halloween, World Series, Sunday football. This is the worst time of the year to fight,” Paul said regarding the PPV not trending well. “But guess what? I had to fight. All my fights from now on will be in the summer, there’s no sports,” Paul said. “There’s like this perfect gap in July/early August where there’s no sports. And by the way, all my other fights were during COVID, when no one had anything to do or anything to watch. Nothing was on.

“I had to fight, I was sick and fucking tired of waiting around.”

Paul remains unbeaten in his boxing career and is expecting a return to the ring sometime next year. He’s open to a possible matchup against Tommy Fury in 2023 and also called out former UFC superstar Nate Diaz following the win over Silva.

If Paul’s claims about the Silva fight are true, it shows one controversy can impact the revenue of an entire event.

How many PPV buys do you think Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva pulled?

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