Thursday, December 1, 2022

Jeremy Stephens Likens Himself To Jeffery Dahmer: ‘I Feel Like A Serial Killer’

Jeremy Stephens is chomping at the bit ahead of his PFL 10 bout with Natan Schulte.

While he was always a tough out for any given fighter, Stephens left the UFC looking like his best days were behind him, exiting the promotion after going winless across 6 contests.

Then after losing once again in his PFL debut, he was finally able to snap that streak by earning a split decision over Myles Jury at PFL 4 in the 50th bout of his professional career.

Jeremy Stephens Feels Like A Killer

Now that he is back in the win column, Jeremy Stephens says he is coming for blood in his matchup with Natan Schulte on November 25th, as he continues efforts to earn that $1 million season prize. Speaking in an interview with MMA Junkie, “Lil’ Heathen” explained just how bloodthirsty he was feeling, and the comparison he made was somewhat jarring.

Referencing the fact that the lust he feels for violence is strong, when asked what television character he identifies with, Stephens compared himself to the titular character from the iconic show Dexter, who is a serial killer antihero. He believes he has a lot of the same qualities as the fictional character as well as other real-life serial killers, feeling a similar drive towards darker tendencies.

“I’m probably more of, like, a serial killer than anything. Yeah, Dexter, that sounds good. Like, I’ve got that thirst, those urges. Like a Dahmer, a Bundy. I’m not highlighting these guys, like what they did was sick… Something like that. I have a thirst that I have to satisfy,,” Stephens said, all of a sudden swinging around a small bat that he apparently had off-camera the whole time.

“No disrespect, but I feel like a goddamn serial killer that needs to kill. That might sound a little bit weird, but there’s something about that adrenaline, that feeling, that power. It’s a blood-quenching thirst that I need.”

This is a bold comparison for Jeremy Stephens to make, and one that derives from the constantly aggressive nature of his fighting style. He is also not the first fighter to make these kinds of comparisons about himself, but it is up to you to determine how accurate it is.

Do you agree with these comparisons from Jeremy Stephens?

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