Jorge Masvidal Responds To Michael Chandler’s BMF Showdown Idea

Jorge Masvidal wants no part of a fight with Michael Chandler.

Back in 2019, Jorge Masvidal was named the “Baddest Motherf–ker” in the UFC. That title came after he defeated Nate Diaz in the main event of the UFC 244 event.

The BMF title was created specifically for that bout and was never meant to be defended or passed to anyone else. That has not stopped other fighters from calling out for a chance to take that belt away from Masvidal.

Michael Chandler is the latest man to be calling for a “BMF matchup.” He would like a chance to face Masvidal and earn that title of “baddest” for himself.

Jorge Masvidal
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Jorge Masvidal Doesn’t Want A Fight With Michael Chandler

Coincidentally, the BMF bout was the last time Masvidal won a fight. He has gone 0-3 since that Madison Square Garden bout against Diaz. On the flip side, Chandler has been involved in five UFC fights since that date, and all but one scored him a performance bonus. Despite this fact, Masvidal is not interested in this fight.

“Michael Chandler’s a quitter, man,” Masvidal told MMA Fighting h/t MMA Mania. “That’s like the first thing to being a BMF. I saw him fight my boy Will Brooks, and Will Brooks hit that motherf* so hard he just quit in the middle of the [fight]. He turned back, shook his head and was like, ‘Nah, I’m done fighting.”

Masvidal has been picky of late when it comes to opponents. It seems as if he only wants big-money fights or title shots. However, with a three-fight losing streak going and being ranked 11th in the division, his choices may begin to become limited.

“That fight doesn’t do anything for me in the 170-pound rankings, or [getting to] the belt,” Masvidal said. “If he comes up to the weight class and I hit up with a jab, and he turns into dust — he disintegrates, like one of those old statues that disintegrate to dust — you know what people are going to say? They’ll say, ‘Yeah, you’re supposed [to do that].’ But let it be a little bit of a fight, or anything like that.

“I don’t see any risk-reward with this fight. Me killing this guy doesn’t do anything for me, or my career, so I really don’t care about it. He’s not really a pay-per-view seller either. I’m not saying I won’t entertain it in the future, but to actually say there will be a whole event [built around] it, or whatever he’s plotting in his head? Nah, probably not, bro.”

Chandler has also been eyeing some big money fights as well. Before calling out Masvidal, he was looking for a fight with Conor McGregor. It’ll be interesting to see who Chandler eventually lands as his next opponent.

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