Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Kayla Harrison Reveals If She Gets PPV Points For PFL 10

Kayla Harrison will be headlining the first ever pay-per-view event held by the PFL, but it will not be impacting her bank account.

It came as a bit of a shock to fans when they found out the PFL was looking to hold a PPV event for the final of their 2022 tournament season, charging a $50 price tag.

Leading the charge on this event was the two-time tournament winner and defending lightweight champion Harrison, who was looking to secure her third and final tournament win by beating Larissa Pacheco for a third time.

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Kayla Harrison Gets No PPV Cut

One would expect that, given the price point of the pay-per-view and the fact that Kayla Harrison is in the main event, the lightweight champion would be receiving a percentage of the sales of the event.

After all, this is the standard practice in the UFC, the only other member of the MMA industry that regularly engages in holding pay-per-view events.

However, speaking in a recent interview on The MMA Hour, Harrison outright revealed that she was actually not going to be getting a cut of the sales, despite the PFL’s promise to share the revenue.

She also expressed some frustration in the nature of how the event was promoted, having given little notice to fans that they would have to pay such a steep price, but is ultimately unbothered since it has no impact on her purse.

“Obviously, I’m not a member of the board or a decision maker,” Harrison said. “It’s a little frustrating to me that they make the first pay-per-view fight a fight that I’ve had twice, and they only give it like a month to sell. I was just like, ‘Oh, well.’ I get paid the same, so it’s no skin off my back.”

While it is a shame that Kayla Harrison will not be getting a cut of the pay-per-view sales, the reason behind this could be a prepared understanding of the potential for the limited number of sales this event may generate. After all, the history of non-UFC events holding pay-per-views has not been particularly impressive.

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