Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Watch: Kickboxer Suffers Horrific Skull Fracture On Debut

Danil Sharov’s professional kickboxing debut ended in the most gruesome way when he met Danil Kirikov at FKR Pro 1.

Lightweight’s Sharov and Kirikov met on the undercard of the event on Friday in Moscow, Russia. Both fighters were making their kickboxing debuts, with Kirikov having one MMA fight under his belt.

The shocking injury took place deep into round two, when Sharov burst forth with a flurry before clinching with Kirikov, who then unleashed a brutal knee right to Sharov’s forehead.

Perhaps more shocking than the injury, which left a noticeable dent in Sharov’s forehead, was his response to it. The Russian merely rubbed the afflicted area briefly, before stoically resuming his offense.

Noticing something just didn’t seem right, the referee soon stepped in and called the ringside doctor to lend his professional opinion on the injury, which later turned out to be a skull fracture.

Seemingly unperturbed by the whole ordeal, Sharov casually leaned against the ropes as the doctor assessed the gruesome indentation, before calling an end to proceedings.

You can watch the moment Sharov sustained this grisly injury below:

Sharov Isn’t The First Fighter To Sustain Such An Injury

While Sharov seemed unaffected by the injury, it could possibly be one to end his career. Back in 2016, Bellator welterweight Evangelista Santos suffered a similar skull fracture thanks to a flying knee from Michael “Venom” Page.

That injury, which left a very noticeable dent in Santos’ forehead, forced the Brazilian to end his career just a few months later. Unlike Sharov however, Santos sustained a much more violent knee to the skull that saw him fall to the canvas wincing in pain.

What’s your thoughts on this shocking kickboxing injury?