Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Bisping Lists 5 Reasons Why Israel Adesanya Will Beat Alex Pereira 

Michael Bisping is picking Israel Adesanya to beat Alex Pereira at UFC 281.

Michael Bisping knows a thing or two about being the middleweight champion. He came to the UFC and worked his way up the ranks and eventually won that 185-pound belt when he defeated Luke Rockhold in 2016. Now Bisping is taking a look at the upcoming middleweight title fight between champ Israel Adesanya and Alex Pereira and giving his thoughts on why he believes Adesanaya will win the fight.

Michael Bisping Gives His Five Reason Why Israel Adesanya Will Defend His Belt At UFC 281

Bisping has stated five reasons why Adesnaya will win on his YouTube channel. Here they are.

Reason Number One: It’s MMA, Not Kickboxing

Bisping feels that Adesanya’s experience in MMA will set him apart from his foe. Yes, Pereira did defeat him twice in kickboxing back in their younger days, but times have changed. Adesanya now has 24 professional MMA fights under his belt and has never lost at middleweight.

On the flip side, Pereira has only seven. Kickboxing is a standing, striking sport and Bisping believes that the other aspects such as takedowns, and ground game will come into play to Adesnaya’s benefit.

Reason Number Two: Speed

Bisping believes that Adesanya has the speed advantage on his side. He thinks the champ will be too quick inside the cage for Pereira.

“If Alex Pereira has the advantage of one-punch knockout power, you can bet your bottom dollar that Izzy was the advantage in speed,” he said. “Speed kills, it is such a valuable weapon to have. He’s as good as anyone inside the Octagon at controlling distance and controlling range. He slides in and out of striking ranges absolutely beautiful.

“He switched his stances so smoothly, when he switched his stances, he can go forward he can go backward, but all the while in a stance prepared to attack with either limb. Listen, he is so fast. His reflexes are absolutely ridiculous and throughout the course of him being in the UFC, they’ve only got better.”

Reason Number Three: Experience

Bisping feels that Adesnaya’s time at the top has served him well. He has successfully defended his belt five times and is quickly solidifying himself as one of the best middleweights of all time. Not only does he think his fight experience is a benefit but his experience with a fight week of this caliber.

Bisping believes that the media obligations and the pressure of fighting on such a massive card in Madison Square Garden might get to Pereira.

Israel Adesanya

Reason Number Four: Patience

Much like the other reasons, he believes that his experience in the course of his MMA career has taught him patience. He thinks Pereira will try to entice Adesanya into a brawl and with his years of experience in high-level fights, Adesnaya should not fall for it. He feels Adesnaya will stick to his game plan.

Reason Number Five: X-Factor

Pereira is a very talented fighter, but it is his history with the champion that has added excitement to this fight. Bisping feels that the need for revenge might be a driving point for Adesanya. He thinks that although Adesnaya wants to win and keep his champion lifestyle, getting the win over Pereira might be the number one reason for wanting to win.

What do you think of Michael Bisping’s reasons for picking Israel Adesanya?

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