Monday, December 5, 2022

Watch: Michael Trizano vs Choi Seung-Woo Becomes Chaotic FOTY Contender

UFC 281 produced one of the craziest moments in promotion history when Michael Trizano faced Choi Seung-Woo.

Featherweight prospect Trizano made it no secret ahead of UFC 281, that he was looking to make a massive statement, having gone 3-3 in the promotion and being on the last fight of his contract. Choi found himself in a similar position, being 3-4 in the promotion and riding a two-fight skid.

Michael Trizano vs Choi Seung-Woo Gets Nuts

As if he did not have enough pressure, Michael Trizano stepped into the Octagon to face Choi Seung-Woo, mere minutes after his teammate and friend Julio Arce dropped a decision the fight before. However, not only did that not prevent him from winning, but he turned in one of the wildest rounds in the UFC history.

The bout would end with just nine seconds remaining in the first round, with Trizano scoring the TKO win, but the story of the fight was much more than that, as both men rocking and dropping one another multiple times in less than five minutes.

However, the moment that had fans and fighters talking on social media after the bout, was the fact that there was a rare double knockdown moment in the bout.

“Double Knockdown all the way. 🌈🌈” Jed. I Goodman wrote, referencing a viral video that reminders the writer of this article just how old he is getting.

“DOUBLE KNOCKDOWN,” another user tweeted simply, sharing an alternate angle of the chaotic moment.

“THERES NO WAY” another user reacted, likely capturing the voice of many.

“WE’VE SEEN THIS BEFORE,” the ESPN MMA Twitter wrote, sharing a slow-mo angle of the double knockdown and comparing it to the movie Step Brothers.

“That was fun,” someone said, sharing another Slow-Mo angle.

Ultimately, at the end of the fight, fans were ultimately breathing a sigh of relief after such a wild affair. With only a few seconds to spare in the round, Trizano was able to score one more knockdown to finish the fight.

That was certainly a way for Michael Trizano to not only make up for missing weight, but also make a statement on the last fight of his contract.

What was going through your head after that double knockdown?