Saturday, November 26, 2022

Molly McCann Shares Conor McGregor’s DM Advice On Handling Fame

One conversation between UFC flyweight Molly McCann and Conor McGregor helped change her perception of handling fame.

McCann will face Erin Blanchfield at UFC 281 this Saturday. She returns to potentially build on her three-fight win streak, including spinning back fist knockouts over Hannah Goldy and Luana Carolina.

McCann’s lively personality, along with her recent success in the Octagon, has made her one of the biggest UK MMA stars. She and her teammate/friend Paddy Pimblett have soared to the list of fan favorites among UFC fighters.

Dealing with added attention while out in public can be overwhelming, as it has been for McCann and other athletes finding success in their respective fields.

During her UFC 281 media day, McCann gave insight into how her life has changed as she’s added fighting accolades.

“It’s been absolutely disgusting, to be honest,” McCann said. “I’ll enjoy an ale, I’ll enjoy doing the media with everyone, and then when you get home it absolutely kicks you in the face because you’re not normal anymore. I can’t just walk with little Frank and Patsy down the street anymore. I can’t just go to football. So what I’ve had to do is grieve, private life, because my life’s not private anymore. So that’s been something that not everyone would have to deal with.

“When we start fighting, I think we start to just win a belt,” McCann continued. “We don’t start for fame, we don’t really start for money, it’s about the prestige and the honor of winning that belt. But I’m very fortunate that people want to know and I’m that approachable, but sometimes it weighs heavy. I’ve just learned how to handle it now…I’ve just had to lay boundaries and be respectful to the people when they want to speak to me.”

Molly McCann Received Powerful Advice From Conor McGregor

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McCann then explained how a conversation with McGregor changed her approach to the chaos that comes with fame.

“Yeah he did,” McCann revealed. “We’d spoken a few times when [we were at] the Black Forge obviously. I sent him a message, how do you handle this? Because you can blow up and then you can blow up. And I just couldn’t quite get my head around with how sometimes people are with you, and he was just like ‘when you’re in the gym, it’s just the gym. Don’t let anyone else in, keep everyone else outside. Always remember it’s just fighting. You’re a cage warrior…’ it was so poetic and it was so lovely…I’m just here to win and the rest of the external factors mean fuck all.”

McGregor’s rise to superstardom is arguably one of the most remarkable in UFC history. He’s captivated UFC audiences for years and has accomplished a lot inside and outside the cage.

If McCann is victorious at Madison Square Garden, one of the most historic venues in sports, her stock will likely rise to new heights. Despite this possibility, she feels more ready to handle it after consulting with McGregor.

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