Monday, November 28, 2022

Molly McCann Opens Up On ‘Proper Devastation’ Of UFC 281 Loss

Molly McCann has spoken out about her loss at UFC 281.

Coming into the event in Madison Square Garden at UFC 281, Molly McCann was a crowd favorite. She was riding high off of two straight KO victories in her home country of England and had the New York fans behind her.

During fight week, she reminded her opponent Erin Blanchfield, who is from the New York/New Jersey area for not having the home crowd support. On Saturday night, Blanchfield went out and submitted McCann, silencing McCann’s supporters and her haters in the process.

McCann spoke with BT Sports immediately following the loss and, despite her situation, was humble and in high hopes that she will get back in the win column next time out.

Molly McCann
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Molly McCann Took Her Loss At MSG The Best She Could

McCann was riding high coming into this fight with Blanchfield. She had won three in a row and had found a new level of fame in her life. The hype was high surrounding her in this bout but the ground skills of Blanchfield proved to be too much.

“To say I’m anything other than heartbroken would be a lie,” she said. “But me being in this position before I know how to handle myself. It’s rubbish that at this level it’s just one little that just changes it. It’s also the most amazing thing about MMA. I won’t be too downbeat, I’ll get back up and I’ll get on. I feel like with each win I’ve learned to become more professional and with each loss, I’ll take on the chin and do the same. It’s just rough that everyone’s come to watch me and spent so much money, it’s just frustrating.”

In both of her fights in London prior to this NYC bout, McCann was accompanied by her training partner Paddy Pimblett. The pair began to draw attention, so much so that they teased they would continue fighting together.

McCann decided to fight on the UFC 281 card due to the history and prestige that comes with Madison Square Garden. Pimblett will be fighting on the UFC 282 card in December. McCann broke away from her pal in order to chase a dream, unfortunately for her, it was not realized fully.

“Look, it’s going to take more than a loss to define me, it isn’t like I haven’t had before. I’ll be coming back again. Yeah, I suppose when I’m dishing them out I’ve got to receive them one time,” she said.

“I’m just proper devastated that it was my dream and I didn’t get to capitalize on it more. Congratulations to Erin, you were the better girl on the night. You deserve the run like you’ve going on. You are a true professional land I’m glad you got the finish in your HOMETOWN.

McCann is not currently in the UFC strawweight rankings. With the win, Erin Blanchfield moved up to number ten.

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