Paddy Pimblett Accepts Jake Paul’s Challenge With Conditions

UFC lightweight Paddy Pimblett is happy to oblige Jake Paul‘s recent $1 million offer to spar him this week if it’s in Las Vegas.

Pimblett has accused Paul of fixing his boxing career in his favor, except for his knockout of former UFC champion Tyron Woodley. Paul’s recent win over UFC legend Anderson Silva created a skeptic in Pimblett.

Paul took exception to Pimblett’s accusations. He responded by offering him $1 million if he agrees to fly to Paul’s home in Puerto Rico on a private jet provided by him.

Pimblett will be fighting in Las Vegas for his Octagon return at UFC 282 against Jared Gordon. It didn’t take long for him to accept Paul’s offer if the location is on his terms.

Paddy Pimblett Accepts Jake Paul’s Sparring Offer: “I’m Game”

During a recent interview with TMZ Sports, Pimblett was asked to respond to Paul’s sparring offer.

“Of course I have,” Pimblett said. “I’m under contract by the UFC. He said this knowing full well I’m fighting next week…come to the PI next week! Bring a million dollars in a bag and I’ll spar with you. I’m in Vegas on Thursday…even though I’m low on calories and about 170, he likes picking on smaller people anyway…I’m game. Not to worry, he can come to the PI and we’ll get into the cage, simple as that.”

Pimblett was then asked if he would fight Paul in MMA or boxing.

“I’ll box him up. I don’t even think he’s a bad boxer, I think he’s a decent boxer,” Pimblett clarified. “All he’s done is box in the past two years. I think he beats Tommy Fury, but I know he wouldn’t beat me. I know for a fact he wouldn’t…I think Anderson Silva just sat down for him…”

Pimblett, mostly known for his grappling, has showcased impressive striking since making the move to the UFC. He began his Octagon tenure by knocking out Luigi Vendramini with a flurry of punches last year.

After Paul’s win over Silva, he’s awaiting his next opponent, who could potentially be the recently released Nate Diaz. He’s undefeated in his boxing career, with four wins by knockout.

A Pimblett/Paul high-stakes sparring session could be on tap if Paul agrees to travel to Las Vegas this week.

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