Thursday, December 8, 2022

Fighters React To Dustin Poirier’s Wild Win Over Michael Chandler

Dustin Poirier had to overcome some tense moments before finally submitting Michael Chandler in a wild lightweight bout at UFC 281.

The matchup between Poirier and Chandler was expected to provide fireworks from the moment it was first announced, and the two lightweights delivered with a strong contender for Fight of the Year.

Chandler got out to a fast start by backing Poirier to the fence with big strikes, and at several points “The Diamond” was forced to cover up on the fence before he was taken down. Poirier worked to his feet in the final minute and unloaded on Chandler with his own strikes, one of which dropped the 36-year-old.

“Iron” gave Poirier no chance to have that kind of success in the second round and landed an early takedown before largely controlling the Louisiana-native as he hunted for a finish.

Knowing that he could potentially be down two rounds, Poirier entered the final five minutes of the fight with a clear sense of urgency. Despite looking tired, Chandler managed to lift the former interim lightweight champion off his feet and send him to the mat before trying to jump on Poirier’s back.

“The Diamond” quickly reversed the position before ending up on Chandler’s back, where he eventually secured a rear-naked choke two minutes into the final round.

Poirier is certainly no stranger to back-and-forth wars, but the 33-year-old will be pleased to have rebounded from his loss to former champion Charles Oliveira last year.

Fighters React To Poirier vs. Chandler

UFC 281 was already an action-packed card leading up to this lightweight matchup, but other fighters were still blown away by the performances from both men.

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