Thursday, December 8, 2022

Polyana Viana Makes X-Rated Claim About Colby Covington

Polyana Viana was able to get the quick TKO last night at UFC Vegas 64 but claims she was unwilling to finish another UFC fighter in the manner he requested.

Last year, Colby Covington went out of his way to, without provocation, share intimate details about his relationship with former teammate Polyana Viana. When asked about why he did not step up to fight Leon Edwards on short notice in March of last year, the brash welterweight said the following:

“There wasn’t much talks. I was busy balls deep in Polyana Viana, so to get me off the couch in three weeks’ notice to fight some Leon Scott guy, it was gonna be a price tag,” Covington disclosed in a Submission Radio interview. “I wanted a little bit more than what was in my contract. I just wasn’t gonna show up for a normal paycheck to fight that guy, for me to show up on short notice and fight that guy.”

When inevitably asked about Covington’s remarks, Viana did not directly deny Covington’s lewd revelation, saying instead that she felt “sorry for those who act so low to try to promote themselves,” and called Covington’s comments “revolting.” When pushed to confirm or deny Covington’s claims, Viana merely pointed to the fact that she had a boyfriend at that time.

Polyana Viana Adds New Twist To Colby Covington Bedroom Saga

Since then, there have not been any new developments on the Covington/Viana front. Covington has passingly doubled down that he had consensual, no-strings-attached fun with Viana, while Viana has not publicly spoken of Covington since last year.

That all changed Saturday night, when this time, it was she who decided to share X-rated details about her relationship with Covington out of the blue. Depending on how you interpret her tweet, she may have either confirmed Covington’s initial claims about having a sexual relationship with one another or issued arguably her most explicit denial yet. You be the judge.

“Colby wanted me to finger him in the ass, but I did not want to. He got upset!”

Whether this was part of a larger, more comprehension rejection of Covington’s advances or just one specific sexual act she was uncomfortable with is unclear. And while usually this is the part where we here at MMA News would assure you that we would update you if any new developments come to light, in this particular instance, to be frank, we really don’t even want to know.

What are your thoughts on this unexpected, X-rated plot twist on the previously dormant Colby Covington and Polyana Viana saga?