Thursday, December 1, 2022

Rampage Talks About How Jail Changed His Life

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson has spoken about how his world-famous temper could have halted him in his tracks before his career even started.

The former UFC light-heavyweight champion and Pride star spoke on the Unleashed podcast, where he discussed early problems with the law. He put it down to what he described as “uncontrollable anger” that tormented his early years.

Rampage Lived Up To Nickname

“When I was a little kid, my cousin called me Rampage. Cause having a temper when you’re younger will get you in a lot of trouble. You know, I feel like I’m the nicest guy on the planet, but I have the worst temper on the planet. It took me years to control it.”

Rampage inevitably got in more trouble as he aged through adolescence. He recalls how things took a turn for the worst as his college years began.


“In college, it sent me to jail. It changed my life. One of my teammates struck me in the mouth with a telephone. It split my lip open, and I lost my temper. I went to jail for it, and it changed my life.”

Rampage found his solution to his issues with his anger is far more manageable now that he has a coping mechanism. His humor, the same sense of humor that made him a now beloved star.

“So now, what I learned is, I just gotta keep laughing. I oke about myself, I do anything just to get a laugh.”

Three days in Malay is what Jackson is currently working on. The role the fighter plays may surprise some. Rampage the Reverand is not something many fans thought they would see, but here we are.

In his latest performances, Jackson looked less than in his prime. Having not fought since 2018, it looks as though the full-time movie star and gamer lifestyle suits him just fine.

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