Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Sean O’Malley Reacts To Jake Paul vs. Andrew Tate Negotiations

Bantamweight contender Sean O’Malley has given his opinion on the Jake Paul vs Andrew Tate boxing match that is currently being negotiated.

Much like the rest of the world, O’Malley commented on the seeming randomness of the face-off video posted by Jake Paul.

On his YouTube channel, Sean O’Malley posted a short clip commenting on the potential bout. While Paul is the more experienced professional boxer, Tate has a wealth of combat experience. Regardless of your opinion of the two, this could very well be an intriguing match-up.

Sean O’Malley, who drew similarities between himself and Paul, first battled with the idea that this may not be a fight set-up at all, but rather a publicity stunt.

“I wonder, is that what is next for Jake Paul? A risky fight I would say for Jake. There is always a puncher’s chance, and Andrew is a big dude. Experienced.”

With that being said though, Sean O’Malley does think he knows the likely favorite.

Sean O’Malley Picks Paul Vs Tate Winner

Sean O'Malley
Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

“I would put money on Jake, for sure. Jake would be a huge favorite, I assume. I love Andrew, but he hasn’t been grinding as Jake has been. It matters, what you’ve been doing the last two years, the last f**king six months. Jake has been in the gym grinding; he has had a bunch of fights lined up.”

He acknowledges that while Tate is in shape, that doesn’t always mean fighting shape.

“Tate has been podcasting, doing his thing. He looks pretty jacked. He looks like he does a few push-ups. But that doesn’t matter dude. Have you been sparring, have you been hitting mits, have you been doing sprints? Have you been boxing? Jake has been boxing.”

Sean O’Malley seems to think he has this fight figured out already and is even confident enough to give a method of victory for Paul.

“Jake by finish if I was going all out. I don’t usually like picking fights, but I just think Jake’s been in it.”

Do you agree with Sean O’Malley’s prediction?

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