Monday, November 28, 2022

Sean O’Malley Slams Two Former Champions For “Weird” Striking Disrespect

UFC bantamweight contender Sean O’Malley has reacted after seemingly having his striking credentials doubted by a pair of former champions.

During the promotion’s customary UFC Weigh-In show prior to events, Laura Sanko, Daniel Cormier, and Dan Hellie often rank the top-five fighters in certain topics, along with various guests.

Ahead of UFC 281, the trio and former UFC middleweight titleholder Chris Weidman assessed the five-best strikers currently competing inside the Octagon.

The first to reveal their list was ESPN analyst Sanko, who placed O’Malley at #4. She quickly questioned the laughs from Weidman and former champ-champ Cormier, suggesting they found the inclusion of the #1-ranked bantamweight amusing.

While Weidman later praised O’Malley’s technical ability on the feet, “Sugar” was absent from both his and Cormier’s top-five rankings.

O’Malley Hits Back At Cormier & Weidman’s Laughs

Having clearly seen the moment, O’Malley responded to the two former champions during a recent episode of the TimboSugarShow.

After labeling the pair’s criticism of Sanko’s list as “weird,” O’Malley suggested that wrestlers like Cormier and Weidman always ‘hate’ on him because they simply don’t like him outside the Octagon.

“Chris Weidman’s a hater on me, I found out. They were doing this pre weigh-in show, ‘DC,’ Chris, (and) Laura Sanko. They’re like, ‘Top-five best strikers in the UFC?’ And Laura Sanko had my name in there,” O’Malley said. “‘DC’ and Chris Weidman were laughing, giving her sh*t.

“It’s so weird, these wrestlers, bro, they just don’t like me. I get it, I’m fu**ing six [foot] six (inches), I’m fu**ing 220 (pounds), I’m fu**ing sexy, I drive a pink lambo. I don’t know what it is,” O’Malley added. (h/t Sportskeeda MMA)

While his place in the promotion’s top five would no doubt cause debate among the wider fanbase, O’Malley has certainly put his striking skills on full display in recent times.

As well as a trio of bonus-worthy knockouts in 2021, including a record-breaking striking performance opposite Kris Moutinho last July at UFC 264, “Sugar” went toe-toe-toe with Petr Yan on the feet last month, even rocking him en route to a tight decision victory.

What do you make of Daniel Cormier and Chris Weidman’s apparent dismissal of Sean O’Malley’s striking credentials?