Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Watch: Sean Strickland Teaches Online Boxing Troll A Brutal Lesson

UFC middleweight contender Sean Strickland made an online boxing troll eat his words with a brutal sparring session.

Strickland, one of the top middleweights in the UFC, is known to engage in wild sparring sessions with his teammates. He’s sparred with some of the top fighters at Xtreme Couture, including UFC Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou.

Strickland knocked out a sparring partner earlier this year with a brutal head kick. He’s never afraid to hit back at online criticism, although he usually uses video rants to address his haters.

This time around, after one boxer called him out on social media for a sparring session, Strickland obliged the request. Denis Douglin learned the hard way the consequences of calling out a fighter with Strickland’s experience and skillset during a recent sparring session at Xtreme Couture.

Sean Strickland Berates Online Troll In Brutal Boxing Sparring Session

Watch Strickland take on Douglin below.

“Well this is the first time I’ve ever donated to charity..” Strickland posted. “Gotta say the best 100 I’ve ever spent. [Mitch Aguiar] when you coming??? I got a bell for you to ring lmao. [Denis Douglin] thank you for the therapy session.”

Douglin, a professional boxer with a 23-8 record, had a significant height and weight disadvantage against Strickland. He chirped his fair share of trash talk during the session, although Strickland seemed to get the better of the verbal and physical exchanges.

After burying the hatchet in the ring, Douglin and Strickland appeared to squash tensions and give each other respect.

Strickland lost to newly crowned UFC Middleweight Champion Alex Pereira at UFC 276 earlier this year. He’s slated to face former title challenger Jared Cannonier next month.

In an age in which some MMA fighters opt to limit sparring sessions, Strickland is old school with his approach and treats practices like he does his fights.

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