Sunday, December 4, 2022

Sex Offender Jailed After Attempt To Rob Conor McGregor’s Pub

A sex offender has been handed a jail sentence after a failed attempt at robbing a Dublin pub owned by former two-division UFC champion Conor McGregor.

35-year-old Jason Paget and 34-year-old Charles Darcy appeared in court last Thursday after being charged with burglary at the Mable Arch Pub in Drimnagh, Dublin last August. As well as admitting the charge related to McGregor’s free house, the pair also pleaded guilty to separate offenses relating to a high-speed pursuit four months after the robbery.

For his part in the crimes, Paget was sentenced to four and a half years in prison during a trial at Dublin Circuit Court. Darcy will be sentenced at a later date, with his team awaiting the completion of psychological reports.

Paget has 15 previous convictions, including aggravated sexual assault. Per the Independent, Paget broke into a house aged 16 and ordered a college student to have sex with her roommate after being forced to strip naked. With that, Paget was branded a sex offender and handed a 15-year sentence, with five years suspended.

Attempted Burglary Of McGregor’s Pub Branded “Unsophisticated”

The attempted robbery of Conor McGregor’s pub, which took place on August 12, 2021, was branded as “unsophisticated” by police.

The court heard evidence that gardaí — the national police service of Ireland — were on patrol in Drimnagh when they came across a vehicle that was running with its headlights on outside the Mable Arch Pub.

Garda Brendan D’Arcy noted that the building’s alarm was ringing, and the shutter had been forced open. After gardaí heard noises coming from within, it’s said that two men, Paget and Darcy, were spotted attempting to push a cash register under the door.

Having retreated after seeing the offices, Darcy was later found hiding in a bush, claiming that he’d left a house after the husband of a married woman he was visiting returned. An intoxicated Paget, meanwhile, was arrested near the scene around 30 minutes later with an amount equalling over $200 that he failed to account for.

Marble Arch Pub
Image Credit: Court News Ireland

In another offense in December the same year, a pizza delivery driver had their vehicle stolen by three men. After erratic driving, the car was pursued for around 10 minutes before it crashed.

When gardaí attempted to arrest a masked Paget, one of the three men responsible for the stolen car, he resisted. During the struggle, one garda suffered a fractured arm and was hospitalized.

The court heard that when being moved past the injured garda, Paget shouted at him: “I hope it’s f***ing broke, I hope it’s sore, it’s mangled.”

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