Stephen Thompson, Kevin Holland Share Ideal UFC Back-Up For Street Fights

Stephen Thompson and Kevin Holland may be fighting in a few days, but that does not mean they can’t have some fun hypothetical conversations.

Between “Wonderboy” Thompson being arguably the nicest fighter on the UFC roster and Holland being essentially a real-life superhero, there are few pairings that the UFC could make which would bring the same energy as December 3rd’s UFC Fight Night: Orlando main event has been providing. This clash between ranked welterweights features a combined positivity rating that is off the charts.

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Stephen Thompson and Kevin Holland Talk Street Fights

However, no matter how positive you are, sometimes street fights happen, especially when you are somewhere like a bar. This was a topic of discussion when Stephen Thompson made the rare choice to speak directly with his opponent, appearing on the Real Eyes Recognize podcast, hosted by Kevin Holland and two others.

One of the co-hosts asked both men to choose which fighters they would want to have backing them up, if they were to find themselves in a street fight. While Holland and Thompson both had different answers, they were equally valid in their own rights.

“I would either take Jamahal Hill or Derrick Lewis. For sure, for sure,” Holland said. “I just like the way those guys get down when the get down gets, you know?”

Derrick Lewis

“(Lewis) has this, like, all he’s got is that right hand, but he hits everybody with it, you know what I mean? He finds some way to hit his opponent with that freaking right hand,” Thompson agreed. “For me, I don’t know, I would have to go with the scariest dude in MMA, and that’s Francis (Ngannou). I mean, you walk anywhere with that dude and ain’t nobody gonna walk up to you. They’re gonna leave you alone.”

While “Wonderboy” Thompson seems to have the obvious and easy answer, picking the scariest heavyweight champion the UFC has ever seen in Francis Ngannou, Holland had good picks too. Not only did he choose Derrick Lewis, who actually holds a win over Ngannou, but he picked light heavyweight Jamahal Hill, who has won all but one of his UFC fights by knockout.

These are certainly the kinds of people who make for good street fighting backup, and this is the kind of conversations that makes for friendships, not combat. Nevertheless, you can bet that Kevin Holland and Stephen Thompson will throw down when the cage door locks behind them on December 3rd.

Who would you pick for backup in your own street fights?

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