Saturday, December 3, 2022

Stephen Thompson Reveals What He Did To Upset The UFC

Stephen Thompson might be the nicest person on the UFC roster, but there was one time that this backfired.

“Wonderboy” Thompson has garnered favor with the fans over the years, simply for being about as wholesome as one can be while still fist fighting for a living. He always seems to bring a level of infectious positivity to each interaction, seemingly more interested in being friends with his opponents than he is in starting beef.

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Stephen Thompson Was Too Nice For The UFC

As it turns out, being nice all the time has not always worked out in favor of Stephen Thompson. He recently sat down on the Real Eyes Recognize Podcast with his next opponent, Kevin Holland, when he explained that there was a moment in time where the UFC was quite unhappy with him being so nice.

When asked about an awkward moment in his career, Thompson reflected on the time he and then-welterweight champ Tyron Woodley went head-to-head in an interview on UFC Tonight, with Woodley coming off ultra-aggressive and trying to talk trash. However, he was shut down by “Wonderboy,” which was apparently something that the UFC did not particularly care for.

“I would say the interview with Tyron Woodley, when he is trying to be the villain, and I’m just like ‘Man, why you gotta be so mean, dude?'” Thompson said. “He was coming at me. Like, ‘Bro, we’re just doing an interview. Why you gotta be so mean, man?’ He broke character and started laughing, but still, that was a little awkward. The UFC was kind of upset that I wouldn’t, like, go back at him. I mean, I’ll smile (at) you, but I’m terrible at talking trash. Terrible.”

There is something somewhat honorable about the fact that Stephen Thompson refused to play the trash talking game that was so far against his nature, even if the promotion did not appreciate it in 2016. Without a doubt, “Wonderboy” will go down as one of the nicest fighters of all time.

What would a heel turn from Stephen Thompson look like?

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