MMA Fighter/Bodybuilder Hospitalized After Synthetic Bicep Injections

MMA fighter and bodybuilder Szymon Komandos has found himself in a world of hurt following some ill-advised decisions.

Hailing from Poland, Komandos has made headlines in that region of the world for a few things, including a brief stint spent behind bars. However, the biggest thing that has stood out about him has easily been his biceps, which he has injected with synthol, a synthetic oil substance that is used to artificially increase the size of your muscles, typically the biceps, but even in the quads or calves.

Szymon Komandos
via Instagram @szymon.komandos.git

Szymon Komandos Gets Hospitalized

Synthol is relatively common in the bodybuilding industry, where athletes look to temporarily boost the visible size of their muscles for a given contest, to mixed results. When abused by people, it can lead to some serious side effects. That was certainly the case for Szymon Komandos, who saw firsthand how bad things can get.

The Polish bodybuilder posted to his Instagram Stories to reveal that he had been rushed to the hospital after he started having problems with the synthol in his arms. He was forced to get emergency surgery in order to save the muscle tissue in his biceps, having the synthol drained from his arms.

Szymon Komandos
via Instagram @szymon.komandos.git

All things considered, it seems that Komandos was able to get the procedure done without any complications. He appears to have left the hospital, albeit likely still in a good amount of discomfort.

This is obviously a self-induced situation that Szymon Komandos has found himself in, but it is good to see he was able to get medical attention in a timely enough manner that things did not get worse. Hopefully he has learned from his mistakes and will try to live a healthier lifestyle moving forward.

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