Tim Kennedy Had An HIV Scare After Orgy With Ring Girl

There may never be another UFC fighter that has lived the kind of life that Tim Kennedy has.

Kennedy managed to simultaneously be a member of the US Army while touching canvas in the UFC, Strikeforce, and WEC among other promotions. While he is retired from MMA these days, there was a time in which he was regarded as one of the top athletes in the UFC’s middleweight division.

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Tim Kennedy Had An HIV Scare

Some fighters live relatively normal lives when they are not punching people in the face, but then there is Tim Kennedy. Aside from his wild stories in and out of the military and documentary following the story of Adolf Hitler, he also has some more naughty stories that show the glamorous side of being a prize fighter.

Speaking in an episode of The 38 Challenge podcast, Kennedy divulged information about hooking up and having orgies with many women, including an unnamed ring card girl. As fun as this might seem on the surface, the tone quickly changed as he revealed that this led to a point where he had to be regularly tested for HIV.

“Had a couple of women pregnant, and had an orgy after a fight. One of the ring girls that was there tested positive for HIV. So then she tracked down all of her former partners. I was one of a litany of them. She walks into the gym and is like ‘Hey, I’m HIV positive, and you should get tested,'” Kennedy said. “It wasn’t actually like you’re positive or negative. It was, ‘We’re gonna take some white blood cell counts over a few months to see if you are losing your immunity.’ So that sucked.”

This is a wild story from a man in Tim Kennedy who probably has more crazy stories than boring ones. A moment like this will certainly make someone reconsider their life choices.

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