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Archives: Kamaru Usman Has A Timely Response To Covington’s EPO Accusations (2021)

On this day one year ago, Kamaru Usman shared a response to Colby Covington‘s constant EPO accusations.

After the accusations and other trash talk, Usman and Covington would eventually meet for the second time at UFC 268 last November Usman would again get the better of Covington, this time via unanimous decision after defeating him via TKO two years prior.

Here’s a look at one of the final moments ahead of their rematch, courtesy of The MMA News Archives.

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On This Day One Year Ago…


Headline: Kamaru Usman Has A Timely Response To Covington’s EPO Accusations

Author: Clyde Aidoo

Kamaru Usman has the perfect response for Colby Covington’s EPO accusation, and he didn’t even have to say a word.

Colby Covington has accused Kamaru Usman of cheating dating back to 2019 prior to their first encounter at UFC 245. Those accusations have only intensified recently in the weeks ahead of their rematch tonight at UFC 268. In fact, during this week’s pre-fight press conference, Covington told Usman directly that he was a cheater who is the “CEO of EPO.” Usman deflected and has never denied or formally responded to Covington’s accusations.

Friday, one day prior to their rematch, the UFC & USADA did the responding for him with the following Twitter post:

“Congrats to @Usman84kg on a 50x perfect test history under the USADA program, and becoming the first UFC athlete to reach that mark fighting his/her entire UFC career under the program.”

Usman also took to his Instagram account to share the news with his followers. In the video, Usman trolled Covington by jokingly embracing the “CEO of EPO” moniker and also was proclaimed to be the cleanest athlete in the world by a male voice off-camera.

Colby Covington Reacts To Usman’s 50x Milestone

The same day Usman was granted the jacket from the UFC commemorating his 50 clean USADA tests, Covington was asked to comment in a BT Sport interview. Covington remains convinced that Usman is a drug cheat and chalks all the clean tests to Usman being one step ahead of the system, like other notorious cheaters before him (h/t Sportskeeda).

“My immediate reaction is that he is ahead of the curve. He has a brother for a doctor, and they’re able to mask the drugs in his system. Everybody knows Barry Bonds was doing steroids his whole career, but he never got caught because he was ahead of the curve. It is the same thing for Marty,” Colby Covington said.

Kamaru Usman

“You can look on his stomach and see all the injection marks, you can see all the acne breaking out on his back, breaking out on his face. You can’t tell me you have a chemical imbalance on your body when you’re 35-years old. He is a cheater, he is the ‘Marty Juiceman’, and he is the CEO of EPO.”

The highly anticipated rematch between Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington takes place tonight at UFC 268 in Madison Square Garden.

What do you make of Colby Covington’s EPO accusations against Kamaru Usman?