Monday, November 28, 2022

Vanessa Demopoulos: ‘I Wrote The Bible For Strippers’

The background of UFC strawweight prospect Vanessa Demopoulos is colorful, to say the least.

With just four fights in her UFC career so far, Demopoulos has made quite the impression on fans for her fun style and personality, as well as her interesting backstory. After dropping a loss to JJ Aldrich in her short notice promotional debut, she has put together a trilogy of wins, including a unanimous decision against Maria Oliveira in her last outing at UFC Vegas 65.

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Vanessa Demopoulos Wrote The Stripper Bible

Following her recent win, Vanessa Demopoulos went on The MMA Hour in order for fans to hear more of her harrowing backstory. This is a story that saw her overcome being homeless and drug addicted, before joining the ranks of the UFC.

As if this was not enough to get past, Demopoulos has openly discussed that she also spent time as a stripper. In fact, she went so far as to say that she wrote a guide for fellow exotic dancers to follow, so that if they decide to go down that same path, they will do so while making smarter decisions.

“I wrote the book, I don’t know, like, a long time ago. Back in 2016 or something of that nature,” Demopoulos said. “It’s called ‘Stripper Bible.’ It’s a how-to for the exotic entertainers. My dad helped me, but girls don’t help each other in that atmosphere. It’s a shark tank. Everyone’s just trying to bury the other person. So, I wrote the book so that I can help other girls that actually want to learn how to make money without compromising their values.”

Demopoulos went on to explain that she has a Shopify link where people can purchase her book. As it currently stands, she said that a lot of her sales come from club owners buying in bulk to distribute to dancers, a fact that she is rather proud of.

“I wrote the the bibles for strippers,” Demopoulos exclaimed with a laugh. “I would never tell somebody to be an entertainer. Ever. Like, I don’t condone, I’m not going to be like ‘Hey, go do this,’ but so many girls do. It’s one of the oldest industries in the entire world, and I feel like if they’re going to do this, at least have your head on your shoulders. Do it the right way.

“Like I said, I got to look in the mirror at the end up the day, and just have pride in who I am as a person, and I want to be able to give that gift forward to other girls as well.”

This is certainly a respectable sentiment from Vanessa Demopoulos, who has a really unique story. It will be interesting to see where she goes from here, and if she writes a bible for being a cage fighter down the line.

Are you going to read The Stripper Bible?

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