Saturday, November 26, 2022

Watch: MMA Fighter Charges Opponent With A Chair At Presser

MMA fighter Satoru Kubota took his animosity for his BreakingDown 6 adversary, Adoribu Masao, over the line at a recent press conference.

Kubota and Masao were promoting themselves in front of a panel for the BreakingDown promotion. BreakingDown is a unique series of shows in which participants trash-talk one another and try to impress the panel enough in order to book them to fight.

Something that Masao said during a verbal exchange with Kubota set him off more than most expected. All of the sudden, Kubota grabbed a metal chair from the audience and charged Masao on the stage, hitting him directly in the head.

Chaos ensued and security personnel broke up the two sides. Masao suffered an eye injury as a result of the incident and his current medical status is uncertain.

MMA Fighter Satoru Kubota Charges Adoribu Masao At BreakingDown 6 Press Conference

Watch the violent altercation between Masao and Kubota below.

Before the two began trash-talking, Masao gave Kubota an LED ring and kissed him on the cheek, which didn’t seem to bother Kubota.

Remarkably, the press conference continued after the wild brawl, and Masao helped stop a few other physical altercations from escalating. It’s not clear if Kubota was allowed to remain present at the press conference after the incident.

What is your reaction to this wild brawl between Adoribu Masao and Satoru Kubota?