Saturday, November 26, 2022

Watch: Two MMA Fighters Battle It Out In Heavy Rain

In an unusual sight for most MMA fans in the Western world, two MMA fighters battled it out in the rain on Saturday.

At this weekend’s Legend Fighting Championships event, MMA fighters Josh Grove and Nattapong Conruthi competed in a featherweight bout. The event featured both Muay Thai and MMA contests.

In this MMA bout, the cage was overcome with heavy rain. Grove and Conruthi didn’t seem to bat an eye, with the two combatants proceeding with the fight without any visible discomfort.

Grove seemed to be in a hurry to escape the rain, though, as he made short work of Conruthi after scoring an immediate takedown and then doing some raining of his own with a storm of ground and pound for the first-round TKO victory.

You can view the fight in its entirety down below.

“So we’re getting ready to start; the rain is coming down. This reminds me of my amateur days. I’ve been stuck in the rain before. And this makes for a fun fight,” the play-by-play commentator said at the start of the fight.

After the bout, the event was delayed for an hour before the fights resumed. You can watch the full event right here.

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