Yair Rodriguez Shared What He Learned From Training With Josh Emmett

Yair Rodriguez spent a brief time training with his UFC 284 opponent Josh Emmett, but he still learned a few interesting things.

In the wake of the announcement that featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski was moving up to lightweight to contend for a second belt, the UFC revealed that they planned on keeping the division moving by booking Rodriguez and Emmett in the co-main event of the same February 11th card to fight for an interim title.

While some have questioned the need for an interim title, it is hard to deny that these two are a great pick to fight for it.

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Yair Rodriguez Trained With Josh Emmett

While UFC 284 will mark the first time that Yair Rodriguez and Josh Emmett have fought on television, they are not completely unfamiliar with each other.

In fact, “Pantera” recently explained on The MMA Hour that he and Emmett actually spent a brief time training together.

They did not spend enough time together to know each other’s secrets and techniques. However, it did not take much for Rodriguez to realize one very important thing about Emmett, which he respects greatly.

“I got the opportunity to train once or twice with (Emmett) when I went to Alpha Male for a couple of weeks,” Rodriguez said. “I got to see him a couple of times, train with him a couple times. I think he’s a really strong fighter. He always likes to push forward and he’s a power fighter. He’s a power puncher. He always moves forward, he has pretty good boxing, his wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu is pretty good, and that’s it. I think he’s a complete fighter. He’s a little bit shorter than me, so I’ll have the advantage of the distance, but I have to be really careful with him, with his punch.”

Yair Rodriguez explained that he only really did light sparring and drilling with Josh Emmett, not really able to take much of the technique away from their training sessions. Nevertheless, they will each learn a good amount about each other when they step into the cage on February 11th.

How do you see Yair Rodriguez vs Josh Emmett playing out?

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