Thursday, December 8, 2022

Zhang Weili Wants To Know Why Carla Esparza Was Getting Booed

Freshly reinstated women’s straw weight champion Zhang Weili is not sure why Carla Esparza is getting the kind of hate that she has been.

There have been very few fighters in the history of the UFC who have become a two-time champion but still cannot seem to get respect, in the way that Esparza has. Even ahead of her fight with Weili, a bout taking place in New York, she promised to keep the belt in America and was met with a showering of boos.

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Zhang Weili Unsure About Carla Esparza Hate

Regardless of the fan appeal of Carla Esparza, she gave her all in her fight with Zhang Weili at UFC 281, with the two having some exciting grappling exchanges and scrambles. Ultimately, the Chinese fighter was too powerful, eventually scoring a rear naked choke to win the title for the second time.

Following the fight, at the UFC 281 post-fight press conference, Zhang was asked about the reaction that Esparza got from the fans, with people pointing out that fans were booing Weili in the same arena when she faced Rose Namajunas. Here, she explained that she did not understand what the problem was with Carla, but she is unfazed by fans loving of hating her.

“I have no idea (either). I want to know why. But I guess probably because the fans, they love my fighting style.,” Zhang said. “I don’t know, but (for myself), my mindset’s more peaceful right now, so no matter (if) you like me or hate me, or boo me or cheer for me, I love you all. I love you all.”

Taking the whole situation into consideration, it would appear that the argument haters are using against Carla Esparza is that she won the title from a beloved fighter in a bout that was not particularly entertaining. Whether or not that is justification for boos is for each person to decide on their own. Regardless, after UFC 281, the strawweight division once again belongs to Zhang Weili.

Were you rooting for or against Carla Esparza, in her fight against Zhang Weili?