A UFC Veteran Wants In On Jake Paul’s Million Dollar Offer

Jake Paul has put up one million dollars to spar Paddy Pimblett, but someone else is trying to jump in.

Tis the season for shopping, and Jake Paul is fitting right in. The boxer is currently shopping for his next opponent. He has called out Nate Diaz for an official bout, and it seems that option would make the most sense. Even though things seem to be moving in the right direction for that fight, Paul is looking to make things interesting with another UFC fighter.

Paul responded to some criticism from UFC lightweight Paddy Pimblett and invited him to come and spar with him in Puerto Rico. He sweetened the deal by offering one million dollars to him if he won. With a price like that out there, it is not surprising that it would turn a few heads.

Another UFC Fighter Wants To Spar Jake Paul For The Big Money

Since Paul started fighting UFC fighters and paying them well, more and more fighters have been looking for the same opportunity. Now that they know they can make some huge paydays just from sparring, it could open a whole new wave of opportunities. Longtime UFC fighter Matt Brown is looking to get in on the action himself.

Brown is looking for a shot at a quick buck. He has fought in the UFC for 14 years and has been involved in some absolute wars. Although he publicly made his plea for a chance to spar with Paul, he is realistic about his chances.

“It’s just a sparring session, lol but he wants Paddy because he’s social media famous,” he wrote in a later post. “I get it but not like he’ll go for it either I don’t have enough followers.”

Brown has lost three of his last four in the UFC. His most recent loss was a split-decision loss to Bryan Barberena in March.

Do you think Jake Paul would entertain an offer from Matt Brown?